Original Song writing and covers as well
An inspiring addition to your events and to late night lounges: Songalicious is a new program that combines personal interpretation of (mostly) well known songs by icons of the 70s till Now, with part of  Joram’s own work.

Photo by: Jeroen Otto


The river’s so grey and so is the atmosphere in cities
like this one, that miss that type
of mediterranean gentle blue
here I waited for you

I know I’ve chased what wasn’t mine
Easy oages won’t make such legend last for long times
We were one but also two
Still I waited for you

Song Fragment; Lyrics by: Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am

Pride (Lonely muse)

The morning is made of rain and stone
it smells like foggy air
She seeks some words when she enters that zone
to convince her she’s really there

She sings a tune, light and new
unlikely to get loud
Just like a rune, a vibe into
her body to chill out.

Song Fragment; Lyrics by: Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am

Zartgiftiges Blau

So oft war ich unterwegs im Zug
und auf Schiffe nach Nirgendwo Land
Ich war die Küste ohne Sand
Ich hab’ dich nie vergessen

Zwischen Pflicht & Pflicht & nächster Pflicht
Da wanderte ich aber ohne Gleichgewicht
Deine sanfte Liebe verstand ich nicht…

Song Fragment; Lyrics by: Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am

Danger  miles

Battled land your gold was taken
Battled heart, robbery
Sand whipes out the steps we’re taking
Desert storms are after me

Desert storms are after you
Each and every lonely night
Let my love reach out for you
It’s worth while every mile

Song Fragment; Lyrics by: Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am

Singing you into an adventure.
Joram sings various rhythms, themes from several episodes. Tuning in on the future. Zest, conviction and a warm intimacy. Get ready and listen

Photo by: Benno Ellerbroek


Yellow is the sound of day
Yellow is my bike
Yellow are the books I read
and many things I like

Yellow like the roofs in town
At least I paint them that way when you’re down
When your hair is retangled, your head triangled
I whisper to you a yellow sound

Yellow light crowns Barcelona
where I’ll crown you my Desdemona
But I’ll never be like Othello
Just burried my sward and my kisses are yellow

Just burried my sward between kisses of Yellow

Song Fragment; Lyrics by:  Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am

Land o’ Choices

It’s the land o’ choices you make
Chanting in, you’re shy
Skate the ocean

Your breeze
Shine, shiny morning
Morning shine

Song Fragment; Lyrics by: Joram Cay Bohëmɘ Am